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Maintenance Inspection

This maintenance will be done before your cars inspection. Our goal is to make sure that your car passes the inspection with flying colors. If we find any issues with the car, that might prevent it from passing the inspection, we will do the repairs for you before the car is ready for inspection.

We offer inspection services in the same price.

Time for inspection:

For private owned vehicles the first inspection has to be within 3 years of initial use date. Then you get one year without inspection and after that inspection needs to be done annually.

Cars and vans must be inspected within 4 months ending to the original usage date. If the registration does not include a specific day, the last number on the number plate determines the time for inspection.



What are the advantages of inspection?

  1. Equipment flaws are found and corrected before they become more expensive. If you utilize equipment that isn’t operating correctly, you risk inflicting further harm—either through an accident or from extra mechanical troubles created by the original problem.


  1. Things deteriorate through time, but that doesn’t imply they have to break. When you know how often a piece of equipment needs a certain repair, you can schedule it before it breaks down, minimizing maintenance costs and reducing downtime.


  1. Identifying reoccurring equipment problems and determining the source of the problem. Inspections provide you the data you need to see trends in equipment failures and figure out what’s causing them. When equipment has a recurring issue, it’s often the consequence of systematic abuse, which inspections may show.


  1. Employees are taking better care of their equipment as a result of frequent inspections. Pre-use checks reveal employees who are misusing their equipment, which is the first step toward correcting the problem. Pre-use inspections, on the other hand, almost always induce staff to have a better concern for the state of their equipment, negating the need for punitive action.


  1. Better equipment procurement as a result of the information acquired on equipment durability and performance. Inspection data helps in determining whether or not you wish to maintain utilizing a piece of equipment.