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Tyre replacement and storage

It’s probable that you’ll get your tyres replaced by a professional store, and many of them provide tyre hotels, but be sure to find Professional staff first. Knowing how to store tyres after removing them from your car is crucial if you replace your own tyres. It is, in fact, more significant than most people realize.

The qualities of your tyres might alter if you don’t manage and keep them appropriately. This may cause them to live a shorter life. They may even degrade to the point that they need to be changed while in storage. However, if handled and stored properly by a professional team, they will provide years of service while saving you money.

At Autosky, you may storage space starting at 1 cubic metre, which is suitable for keeping your spare set of tyres at a low cost.

  • Tyre replacement costs €35.
  • Tyre replacement for a Van costs €45.
  • Tyre storage costs €76. (season)


What are the benefits of storing your winter or summer tyres at Autosky?

  • Keep your tyres in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight to extend their life.
  • There is no minimum length of stay; store your tyres for as little or as much time as you require.
  • Avoiding chemical exposure
  • Reclaim precious space in your house


Mon-Fri 7:30-17