Engine and Car Base Wash

The car base is washed by lifting the car up and the base is washed from below.

A dirty engine is a danger to your car and its electrical parts. It is advisable to have your engine washed thoroughly at least twice a year. The engine should also be washed in case of possible oil or radiator fluid leakage.

If you take the car to maintenance, the mechanics appreciate a clean engine. Also, regular engine wash guarantees reliability and a long life for your engine in the future.

Paying with Installments / Invoice

Unexpected expenses with your car?

Not to worry, invoice offers you a flexible way to pay your repairs. Invoice gives you an extra 30 days to pay without any added interest or you can choose to pay in installments.

Choose invoice if you want to pay the full amount of the service. You will receive an invoice by mail, where you will have 30 days to pay, interest free.

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