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Air conditioning increases driving comfort and therefore also improves safety. Appropriate temperature and humidity affect the driver’s ability to drive and stay alert.
All air conditioners lose refrigerant over time, resulting in a reduction in cooling capability. The typical loss of refrigerant in an air conditioning system is 10% per year, thus maintaining your air conditioning system should be done every two years.
Because checking the refrigerant isn’t often included in a regular or complete auto service, you’ll have to make sure it’s done yourself or schedule a separate air conditioning repair.

Air conditioning maintenance costs 69 €. Any refrigerant to be added will be charged separately.


Recharging or refilling your aircon

We will remove all remnants of the old refrigerant from the system and pipes before replacing it with new refrigerant. The whole procedure takes around 45 minutes, so it can be done while you nip to the shops or even while you wait.

We use Specialist tools to change and refill the refrigerant, which use high and low pressure ports to ensure the whole system is cleaned clean before adding fresh refrigerant. Because of the toxicity of refrigerant, it is strongly advised that you use a trustworthy service to guarantee that the refrigerant is properly disposed of.


Driving with the air conditioner on is “always” a good idea.

When it comes to driving, saving gasoline is usually a heated subject of conversation. And, of course, it’s plain logic that having the air conditioning on all the time, especially during the milder months, will cost more.

However, turning off the air conditioning for the whole winter is not a smart idea since the gasket might dry up and leak, resulting in pricey repairs. Running it on a regular basis throughout the winter months will keep it flowing and guarantee that no air conditioning fluid leaks from your vehicle.

You can also save money on gasoline by having your air conditioner serviced once a year. Lower refrigerant levels make it more difficult for the air conditioning system to chill the air in your vehicle, so filling up every year ensures that your system is performing at its best!


Did you know?

  • If the windows start to mist up, it’s an indication that the air conditioner needs to be serviced. Immediately after starting your car, look for it on the windshield above the blowers.
  • When the air conditioner is operating, it emits a musty and/or wet odor, which indicates that something is amiss.
  • If the unit does not cool, even when set to cold, something is clearly amiss.