Warranty Repairs

In our Authorized Suzuki Sercive, personnel is fully trained by Suzuki.  Service made in Authorized Suzuki Service, ensures faultless function and safety of your car.

Trained mechanics has always in use Suzuki diagnostic tools and Genuine Suzuki Parts, and lates information about different campaigns improving your cars quality and safety.

Only Authorized Suzuki Service checks in service, is there any open Factory Campaigns, whick will be made without charge.

Benefits of Suzuki Authorized Service:

  • Ensuring your cars warranty ja re-salevalue
  • Latest Suzuki diagnostic tools and brand- and model specific tools
  • Original Suzuki spareparts or spareparts approved by Suzuki
  • Only Official Suzuki Service can check and do factory campaigns – without charge
  • Authorized Suzuki Sercive personnel is fully trained by Suzuki
  • 1 year warranty for service