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Warranty Repairs

Our authorized Suzuki service staff includes Suzuki-trained personnel ranging from mechanics to service advisors. Suzuki service at an authorized dealership ensures the car’s proper operation and road safety throughout its life cycle. Trained personnel always have access to Suzuki official test equipment as well as original Suzuki spare parts and information on possible car quality improvement campaigns.

Only the official Suzuki brand service checks whether there are open factory campaigns for your car, which are carried out free of charge during service or repair.

Benefits of Suzuki Brand Service:

  • You ensure that the car’s warranty and resale value are maintained.
  • The latest Suzuki test equipment and brand and model specific tools.
  • Original Suzuki spare parts or Suzuki approved spare parts.
  • Only brand service can check and do factory warranty campaigns – free of charge
  • Suzuki brand trained mechanics
  • 1 year warranty for maintenance work