Pre-check for the Official Inspection

Pre-inspection is one of the primary services offered by Auto Sky Bosch Car Service. This check-up is conducted before your car’s periodic inspection begins. If we find any issues with your car, then we will report the problems to you and make the necessary repairs. After that, we will carry out the Official Inspection of the car.

For vehicles registered after 2018, the first inspection is at the age of four, the next ones are every two years until the age of 10, after which the vehicle must be inspected every year (eg 4-2-2-2-1) . Therefore, it is important to perform annual or seasonal maintenance on a regular basis so that defects and problems that may occur between Official Inspections can be detected.

What is the Right Time for Pre-inspection?

Pre-inspection is recommended to be carried out a couple of weeks before the last Official Inspection date. This will allow making any necessary repairs before taking the car for inspection. If no action is required, the car can be inspected immediately.

Reach out to our experts for more information on our Pre-inspection. We can offer you a competitive quote for the service.

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