Paint Shop

All of our painting services are performed in Autosky’s own paint shop. Our skilled painters will ensure that your vehicle is flawlessly completed using the finest supplies. With regular training, we maintain our employees at the top of their field.

We exclusively employ the latest technology and environmentally friendly items.

When it comes to painting the car, we only use high-quality paints and follow a systematic process from beginning to finish. In addition, when you bring your vehicle in for body work, we may tell you about any further repairs that may be necessary during the painting process of the vehicle.

At Autosky we have an oven for painted vehicles to dry without getting any dust or dirt. The ovens filter is changed frequently to get shiniest results for you.

We have years of experience in painting and body repair work, and we always provide an estimate to the customer before starting the work.

Car painting

When you come at the studio to have the automobile painted, we will have a conversation about your preferences and suggestions. We naturally lead you based on model, color preferences, and partial or complete painting suggestions.

We start working on your car according to your instructions. We start by removing rust, scratches, and dents so they don’t show up when the painting is finished.
When lacquering a larger region or an entire car, we remove metal and plastic material so that we can access the places we need to work on without coming into contact with anything else. We also cover windows, mirrors, lights, and handles, among other things.
We sand off the old paint and clean all surfaces to operate on a completely grease-free surface.
To guarantee smooth surfaces, we polish and sand the car. The vehicle is then primed 1–2 times before being painted with the proper color.

Classic cars

Autosky offers knowledge and the latest technology. Our professionals are experienced technicians who have mastered vehicle repair and auto body work techniques.

It’s generally difficult to repair and refinish the body of an antiquated vehicle. Over time, rust, dings, and dents appear. Sun, salt, and harsh detergents fade and chip previously gleaming paint surfaces.

A qualified Autosky technician with years of body work and paint training. We will commit to restoring your classic or historic vehicle to its full potential – is required to achieve that pristine finish in an old car restoration.

Before painting, we make sure your car’s body is carefully primed, eliminating rust and dents. Every edge and corner receive an equal coat of paint. When we’re done, we do a thorough check of the bodywork to make sure nothing was missed.

Motorcycle painting

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you understand that your motorcycle deserves the best. For professional treatment from a trained specialist, come to Autosky.

We paint motorcycles of all sizes. From simple painting to complete machine maintenance, we do it all. Because we recognize that many riders want a customized solution, we are ready to help you and give practical suggestions on how to combine the various elements you need.

We also use high-quality paint that not only looks great but also protects the motorcycle from harmful UV rays, dirt, grime, and other elements.

We can help you choose the right colors and tones for the tank, frame, light holders, screens, handles, handlebars, and more.

We put in an effort when it comes to painting motorcycles or scooters. We clean, fix small scratches with fillers, and apply rust protection for a long-lasting look. We ensure that we only paint a motorcycle or scooter on completely smooth surfaces.

After your motorcycle or scooter has been machined and painted in the specified colors, we may apply a clear coat to protect it from the sun, wind, and rain.

Insurance Company Services

If your car has been in an accident or has been subject to vandalism or is damaged for any reason and you have a reason for insurance claim you need to file a complaint to your insurance company. In some cases, a police report is also required by your insurance company.

After you have filed for your insurance, you can bring your car to us for repairs. If your insurance company requires photographs of your car or a detailed description of the damages, we can provide them. The insurance company will calculate your compensation and we will repair your car accordingly and invoice your insurance company. You are only required to pay the excess share.

If needed we can tow your car for you
Bear in mind if your insurance includes tow service or windshield repair the insurance covers all the costs.

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