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Body Repairs

Body Repairs

If your car has been in an accident, book a time for damage evaluation.

Our professional staff will help you in small or large dents as well as painting. We have the right spare parts, tools, and mechanical expertise. We can handle any repairs to cars or vans. Our expertise also includes windshield repairs and replacements. Even the most challenging dents will be taken care of by our team. There will be a smooth and clean finish to the final result. Our knowledge ensures that your cars high quality, technical reliability, safety and looks will remain intact even after repairs.

We will always give our customers price estimations before doing the repairs.

We paint all makes and models of cars, including classic and historic vehicle and motorcycle.
When the dents and paint damage begin to appear more clearly in the spring, you may bring your car to Autosky and have it looking like new.

We want to do most we can to be environmentally friendly. Therefore, when we fix your vehicle, we always try to repair the broken parts before considering buying it new.

Cosmetic repairs help to keep the car’s resale value high.
It is advisable to bring the car to be painted as soon as there are signs of detrition on the paint surface, as when the detrition becomes rusty it will be more expensive to repair.

By not having to send the automobile to another location for painting since we have our own paint shops, we save time and, as a result, save resources by reducing carbon emissions.

Our damage repair helps you to:
  • We provide you a replacement vehicle
  • Fill out damage report
  • Keep in touch with your insurance company for fast repair process
  • Discuss damage evaluation and repair with the insurance company
Insurance companies provide online claim services, where you may register a claim:

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