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About Us

History of Autosky

Autosky The car repair shop was established in 2005 in Kallio, Helsinki, right in the city center at Kolmas Linja 7, where maintenance and repair services operated in approximately 370 m2 of premises.

Operations continued as such until March 2012 before the change of ownership.

With the new owner, the same services were continued with a small lineup.

After Auto Sky expanded, the squares in Kallio began to become cramped. We had to start looking for a new site which was Helsinki where the company started. After a long search, lived in 2016, found large spaces, just to suit our needs. Auto Sky bought its own property in June 2016 in Helsinki’s Old Town, Viikintie 21. The property includes eight different halls and we call our operations a full-service garage. The 5800m2 square spaces are considerably larger.

Our operations include Car Repair Shop, Paint Shop, Damage Repair Shop, Towing Service, Inspection and Car Wash.

In 2017, Auto Sky was authorized to service Suzuki in cooperation with Bassadone.

In 2021, AutoSky joined the Bosch Car Service chain of independent workshops, which provides high-quality vehicle service, maintenance and repairs for all car brands and models. We guarantee affordable quality that you can trust.

We try our best to be more environmentally friendly, we have reduced 37% paper and our aim is by 2023 to have reached 79% of reduced paper. Please help us to be more environmentally friendly and send us only e-invoice .

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You will save time using our workshop services because we offer all services in one location. In addition, we can provide the Official Car Inspection of your car.
Our staff has been trained through many courses to have high expertise providing you with excellent service since we have over seventeen years of experience to ensure that YOUR CAR IS IN SAFE HANDS. We can thoroughly inspect your car, and if any issues are discovered, providing all services, we may send it to the appropriate department for further examination.
For vehicles registered after 2018, the first inspection is at the age of four, the next ones are every two years until the age of 10, after which the vehicle must be inspected every year (eg 4-2-2-2-1). Therefore, it is important to perform annual or seasonal maintenance on a regular basis so that defects and problems that may occur between Official Inspections can be detected.
When the fault or defect isn’t minor or cannot be fixed by simple repair and driving the vehicle endangers the lives of people or the environment it will not pass the inspection. In that case, the car must be taken for re-inspection as soon as possible after the required repair.
The Official Inspection at the inspection site takes about 30-45 minutes.
Emission measurement is mandatory to check during a regular official inspection. If the emission measurement has been done beforehand e.g., at a workshop, you’ll need to bring the certificate you get with you when bringing your car for official inspection. Emission measurement certificate is valid for 3 months.
During an inspection emission measurement are only done for cars with traditional combustion engines. Emission measurement is not required for an electric car. If the car is a hybrid car that has also a combustion engine or so-called Range Extender engine, an emission test is required.
Naturally, electric and hybrid cars need less maintenance, but the electrical systems, including batteries, electric motors, brakes, fluids, air-condition and small electronics, must be regularly inspected. That is to guarantee the safety of the car. That is why our mechanics are highly trained to also maintain and repair electric and hybrid vehicles.
We are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will pick up your car from any location in Uusimaa area at any time.
It usually takes 15-45 minutes for a tow truck to arrive. In bad weather, of course, it can take a little longer.
If required, we have several replacement cars available. If your insurance does not cover the cost, we will offer it at an affordable price.
You don't have to do anything since we handle submitting the required documents to the insurance company, they might contact you for more specifics about the car if needed.
All you need to do is hand us the keys to your vehicle, and we will transport it anywhere you choose.
We paint the vehicles in a paint shop, where the painting is done in an environment that is free from dust and other small particles. Regular training keeps our employees on top of their game. We always use environmentally friendly painting products to take care of the environment.
Our mechanics are able to work with a wide range of vehicles from modern to historics.
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