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Authorized Service

Suzuki Authorized Service

We are the Suzuki brand’s official maintenance partner. Certified replacement parts and warranty maintenance are available from us. Your Suzuki car’s warranty repairs are our responsibility. We are responsible for your car’s warranty as an authorized Suzuki repair.

Regular maintenance keeps your Suzuki vehicle safe and comfortable to drive. Your Suzuki vehicle should be serviced and repaired by an authorized Suzuki dealer, regardless of its age. Your vehicle requires specialized knowledge, and as an authorized Suzuki dealer, we use latest technology to suit the demands of both you and your vehicle, regardless of the situation. In the case of a breakage or a mishap, Suzuki Service Centers provide all the tools you’ll need for service and repair.

Benefits of Suzuki Brand Service:

  • You ensure that the car’s warranty and resale value are maintained.
  • The latest Suzuki test equipment and brand and model specific tools.
  • Original Suzuki spare parts or Suzuki approved spare parts.
  • Only brand service can check and do factory warranty campaigns – free of charge
  • Suzuki brand trained mechanics
  • 1 year warranty for maintenance work
Mon-Fri 7:30-17