Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is based on driven kilometres or months. This will vary depending on the make and model. See your cars service manual for details of the scheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is wider and includes more checks than annual maintenance. With scheduled maintenance the oil, engine and air filters are replaced and the oil is changed.


– Motor oil and oil filter change (Max 5 litres full synthetic oil)

    • Air and engine filters: Check
    • Seabelts and horn: Check
    • Lights,windshieldwipers, glass and glassfluid: Check
    • Engine, Transmission: Leakage check
    • Manual Transmission Oil Level: Check up and top up if needed (additional cost for the oil added)
    • Steering, Suspension and Shock Absorption: Check
    • Brake pads and Discs: Check
    • Brakefluid: Break humidity measurement
    • Exhaust system: Check (suspension brackets, condition,leakeage)
    • CV joint Rubber Boots: Check
    • Clutch: Operational Check
    • Tire tread and pressure: Check
    • Engine Fluids: Check and top up if needed
    • Cooling Liquid: Frost Resistance
    • Service belt: Check and Replacement (replacement agreed separately)
    • Hinges, Door Limiters and locks: Check and Lubrication
    • Service Inspection reset
    • Service Manual Update

Not included in the scheduled maintenance but are recommend to be serviced regularly­:

    • Brake pads: Maintenance / cleaning every 2 years
    • Spark plugs
    • Liquid fuel heater: Maintenance once a year
    • Remote control battery replacement: Change oin every 2 years
    • Break fluid: Change in every 4 years
    • Radiator fluid: Change in every 4 years
    • Copling hook: Service and lubrication
    • Automatic transmission oil change: Change in every 4 years or recommend kilometers suggested by the transmission manufacturer.