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Rust Repairs

Our rust repairs will repair the car’s rust surface and bottom.

Is there rust on the bottom or surface of the car? Contact an AutoSky specialist in the first place as rust damage spreads quickly. We assess the condition of your car and calculate the cost of the repair.  The faster the rust damage gets repaired, the cheaper the repair will be. After rust repair, the repaired parts of the car will be rust protected on the outside and inside.

DINITROL anti-rust agent
Dinitrol has over 50 years of experience in developing high quality anticorrosive systems and noise reduction products for the manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries. Dinitro’s anticorrosive, adhesives and sealants, car body repair and care chemicals help prevent rust; as their advanced technology is the result of extensive product development.

Dinitrol anti-rust treatment for small cars starting from €579.

Car specific rates are available upon request from Auto Sky staff.

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