Gearbox service

Gearbox service

Gearbox Maintenance

The transmission (Automatic gearbox) is one of the most important components in ensuring that your car runs smoothly and efficiently. Its functioning might be hampered without adequate maintenance, resulting in apparent changes in the quality of your ride.

Transmission problems usually cause:

  • Choosing the wrong gear or abandoning it
  • Leaking transmission fluid has a smoky odor.
  • In ‘Drive,’ the gearbox is not reacting.
  • Gearbox noise, such as whining, crunching, or buzzing
  • DSG Faults in the Mechatronic Unit
  • Transmission that is not synchronized
  • Oil or fluid spilling from the gearbox

At Autosky, we assist our clients in being more aware of transmission health. We can do a comprehensive transmission fluid cleanse to guarantee that your transmission runs safely and effectively in the future. If you believe it is time for your transmission to be serviced, our knowledgeable and pleasant staff is here to help.

Understanding Transmissions

What is the definition of a transmission? It’s a complex system of gears and sensors that serves as a connection between your engine and your wheels. The gearbox ensures that the engine’s energy is transferred smoothly to the tyres, giving the driver greater and safer control.

However, this process produces a lot of heat. Transmission fluid prevents your transmission from overheating and being damaged. As this fluid is used up, it loses efficiency, making your transmission more susceptible to heat damage.

What Can We Do?

Keeping your transmission fluid fresh is the greatest way to avoid expensive transmission issues. We can remove your old transmission fluid, clean your transmission system, and replace it with fresh, high-quality fluid at Autosky. We employ cutting-edge equipment to track this procedure, and we can even see the old, soiled transmission fluid that was removed from your automobile.

Diagnostics for Gearbox

Because it is such an important aspect of your vehicle’s mechanical functioning, a damaged gearbox may have a significant influence on its performance. As a result, it’s essential to keep your gearbox in good working order in order to retain your vehicle’s performance. With the aid of the newest expert computer diagnostic technology, our highly qualified technicians can reliably identify any difficulties with your gearbox.

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