Automatic gearbox maintenance

Automatic gearbox oilchange is important part of car maintenance.

Automatic gearbox is one of the most important and complex part of the car. Proper function of the gearbox is vital to cars comfort and safety. Transmission oil is the fluid that maintenance automatic gearbox, it lubricates and cools the parts of transmission.

In time transmission oil gathers particles from friction which weakens the oils ability to lubricate the gears. Regular oil change prolongs gear funtion and to avoid major repairs. 100% oil change with irrigation method allows the gearbox to function reliably for a long time.

Oil change with the irrigation method is done with a machine which is attached to oil circultaion system of the gearbox. New oil is thrusted in with high pressure replacing the old oil. The fresh oil also irrigates and washes the gearbox from all impurities ans excess particles.The quality and clarity of the oil can be checked by instrument or visually. Irrigation method achieves 100% oil change.

Irrigation method usually requires 10-20 litres of transmission oil depending on the make and model.