Towing Services

K-hinaus is a renowned vehicle towing company in the Uusimaa region. In the Uusimaa region, our partner towing staff can help with towing and breakdown assistance. They can assist you if you find yourself in a difficult roadside position.

You can count on K-hinaus Car Towing for a cost-effective and efficient service.

For emergency towing services in Uusimaa, our partner operators are accessible around the clock. All of their staff are well-versed in dealing with difficult circumstances, and they have a big fleet of drivers on hand to react quickly to crises. Our primary aim is to keep you secure.


Other Services

K-hinaus is a dependable Enclosed Car towing business that specializes in car towing. They provide a variety of services, including:

– Transport of motorcycles
– Winches
– Pull up / ditch pull
– Auxiliary power and auxiliary start
– Emptying the tank
– Fuel imports
– Repairs at the roadside
– Battery service (battery delivery, new battery)
– Scrap car pickups


Private people and premium automobile dealerships all across Uusimaa trust their staff. They are well-known for delivering superior automobile transportation and are often engaged in the carriage of rare, classic, and supercars.

K-hinaus invests extensively in cutting-edge technology that enables us to transport your vehicle safely, securely, and promptly.


You can be certain that your car is in the finest possible hands.


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