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Bodywork and Painting

Is your car in bad shape?

Our staff will work with you to discover the best solution for your needs. We have a paint facility where all paint jobs can be done free from dust and other small particles.We supply all of the required tools to cope with minor and major hits to your vehicle’s bodywork components for all makes and models.

If your automobile is immobilized for many days, we have a fleet of loan cars available to you.

Damage repair, body work, rust repairs, paint jobs, and minor repairs ,  refurbishing plastics, welding, measuring components, changing parts, sanding, and straightening are all services we provide.

Maintaining your vehicle’s bodywork will help to maintain its quality, safety, and resale or return value. You will save money by dealing with any damage as soon as feasible.

Painting services

We do all our paint services in Autoskys own paint shop. Our knowledgeable painters will make sure that you car is perfectly finished with the best products. We keep our staff  on top of their profession with regular training.


A laboratory for colorimetry

Our painters are able to accurately match the manufacturer’s color of your car using high-tech equipment.

We use only the latest equipments and environmentally friendly products.


Your car will be cleaned inside and out once each painting job is completed.


Rust Repairs

Rust repairs include removing rust from the metal and car base. Contact AutoSkys experts immediately if you detect rust issues, because rust spreads fast. We evaluate the condition of your car and calculate the repair costs while you wait. The faster the rust is repaired, the smaller the cost. After repair work, the repaired sections are rust proofed inside and outside .


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