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Suzuki First Service

Your car will be inspected through list below and service includes a change of Oil and Oil filter.  We also wash your car outside without charge (normal price €20).

  • Seatbelts and Horn: Check
  • Light, Wipers, Washers, Glasses and Washer fluid: Check
  • Engine, Transmission and Drive line: Check for leakages
  • Manual Transmission, Oil level: Check and filling if needed. Oil will be charged.
  • Steering, Suspension and Shock absorbers: Check
  • Brake pads and discs : Check
  • Brakefluid: Humidity measurement
  • Exhaust System: Check
  • Driveshaft Rubber Boots: Check
  • Clutch: Check
  • Shockabsorbers and suspension: Check
  • Tyre wear ja airpressures: Check
  • Engine Fluid Levels: Check and filling if needed
  • Cooling liquid: Frost Resistance
  • Service belt: Check and Change if needed (will be agreed separately)
  • Hinges, Door Limiters and Locks: Check and lubrication
  • Service Inspection Reset
  • Service Book: Service Stamp