Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance should be done once a year. It is usually done in spring or fall and we can change your tires with same visit for a good price.

You car will be checked according to the list, this maintenance includes oil and oil filter. In addition you will get a exterior car wash ( normal price 20e).

  • Seatbelts and horn: Check
  • Lights,windshieldwipers, glass and glassfluid: Check
  • Engine, transmission: leakeage check
  • Manual gearbox oil level: Check and top up if needed (additional cost for the oil added)
  • Steering, suspension and shockabsobtion: Check
  • Brakepads ja -levyt: Check
  • Brakefluid: Break humidity measurement
  • Exhaust system: Check (suspension brackets, conditon, leakage)
  • CV joint rubber boots: Check
  • Clutch: Operational Check
  • Shockabsorbers and suspension: Check
  • Tire tread and pressure: Check
  • Engine fluids: Check and top up if needed
  • Cooling liquid: Frost resistance check
  • Service belt: Check and replacement (replacement agreed separately)
  • Hinges, door limiters ja locks: Check and lubrication
  • Service inspection reset
  • Service manual updates