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Seasonal Maintenance

Annual or seasonal maintenance

Annual or seasonal maintenance (“minor maintenance”) is recommended to be performed on the car annually. With the measures included in the annual maintenance, the car stays in working order more safely and driving is safe.


What is included in the annual maintenance?

  • Changing the oil and oil filters
  • Check brake and coolant fluids
  • Checking the condition of the brake pads and brake discs
  • Check for oil / liquid leaks
  • General lubrication of locks and hinges
  • Checking the condition of the wiper blades
  • Checking the chassis joints
  • Checking the lights


Periodic maintenance or annual maintenance? So which one should you do and why? What is the difference between annual maintenance and periodic maintenance?

scheduled maintenance is more extensive than annual maintenance, and scheduled maintenance usually replaces more parts than compared to annual maintenance. For example, spark plugs, air filter, gear oils or fuel filter.

Annual maintenance should be done once a year, as the name implies. It is advisable to carry out maintenance even if the mileage is low. The purpose of the annual maintenance of the car is to keep the car in running order and it will help you to avoid possible bigger problems.


When should annual maintenance be carried out?

There is no exact time of year when maintenance is definitely worth performing. but we recommend that you perform maintenance regularly. thus, after a year of previous maintenance and the mileage of scheduled maintenance has not yet been filled.


Duration of annual maintenance / seasonal maintenance

It usually takes 1-2 hours to do annual maintenance


Annual maintenance price

The price of annual maintenance usually ranges between 100 and 300e