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Electric or Hybrid

Electric or Hybrid

We also service and repair electric and hybrid cars


Electric and hybrid cars require special expertise for service and repair. To ensure safety, the car must be repaired by a professional who has received appropriate training. This allows the repair to be performed safely. A mechanic who is specially trained for electric and hybrid cars can pay attention to the condition of the high voltage system and anticipate potential dangers.


The need for maintenance of an electric car is often perceived to be less than for traditional petrol or diesel car, but still, it is not completely maintenance-free. Electric car needs service for e.g. brakes and air conditioning, replacement of fresh air filter, wiper blades, and possibly transmission oil. In addition, electrical systems may require maintenance.

The electric car also has wearing parts, and for example, due to its high weight, the chassis is exposed to even greater stress than other cars.

The service program for electric cars contains important inspections that must not be missed. The most important are e.g. inspection of the car chassis to check the condition of the batteries. That in case of damage and to ensure battery safety and long life.